End your rental within the system area




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    Timothy Cavanaugh

    The meaning of “system area” is fairly straightforward. ‘Where’ the system area is is not quite so obvious and would be nice to know

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    Tyson Howell

    Can we move between nearby areas? For example, could I start a ride in Davis and end in West Sacramento?

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    For the JUMP Sacramento Network, yes, you can start a rental in Davis and end the rental in west Sacramento, or vice versa.

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    James McMonagle

    Let’s expand on that: let’s say I rent a jump bike in Sacramento, hop on a train and BART, and ride it into San Francisco. Or, if I’m just one of those power bikers who can actually ride all that way. When I end in SF, is that considered “out of system area”?

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    Test Tester


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