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    Brooke Colwell

    Hi, exploring the site I would appreciate seeing a transparent price list up front, along with eligible discounts (tyvm). The flow of information just isn t straightforward or linear, to a degree. It is not terrible, but say on a scale of one to ten, level of intuitive UI with easy to find info, prolly solid 7.5 or 8.
    ** But specifically ** I think there is a fee for parking out of hub, separate from a larger fine for parking out of bounds? Please make this clear. (I still don't know what out-of-hub fee is. Can't find it. Esp when charging money, folks are fast learners but will keep up a positive vibe to warn BEFORE applying a fee.) Thanks!

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    Hi Brooke, thanks for the feedback.  There are currently no hubs in San Francisco.  If and when we do add hubs, our intention is not to add fees for locking outside of them, only to add a bonus credit of $1 for picking up a bike outside of one and ending your rental inside of one.  This is how we are using hubs in Washington, DC to help with our charging and re-balancing efforts.

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    Jake Dickinson

    How do you sign into the website? I don't see a link anywhere.

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    Cedrick Oommen

    The same, I also struggled.

    After riding for an Hr, 20 Mins, it showed me $4.70 - but when my credit card was charged, it charged $5.40 How do i see how much is the charges? Like a receipt. where do i sign in to see it?

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