Additional fees




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    Ramon Zavala

    Is there a fee for locking up a bike to fixed object like a sign, but not a bike rack?

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    Sans Drama

    I second the above question. Furthermore, what is the reporting mechanism for improperly parked bikes? After dropping in Denver recently, I have seen countless bikes not parked properly or attached to anything. I have even reserved a bike and started a rental from a bike just standing out in the open. There doesn't seem to be a way hold people accountable so people are treating them like other dockless devices and leaving them wherever they want.

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    John Bell

    I have to pay if the bike is stolen while on hold, or if I’m somehow mugged? (I realize this is unlikely to occur, but still.) What the heck?

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    Jason Salvador

    Fuck this shitty app charged me 43 bucks for nothing

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